Saturday, June 05, 2004

I looked back two years to this weekend on the blog to see what we were up to. I have regressed. I used to be able to write what was on my mind and not worry about identification words. I also wrote about our sex life. Funny. However, that was our first summer together and it is more exciting the first year.
I need to get over my fears. I am glad I can reference back on things. Work seems to be the same. Although usually by now we sign up for end of the year reviews and no mention has been made of this yet. I won't complain, the paperwork is huge for that kind of thing. Maybe it died a slow death and won't be back.

I can't believe we are still not going to get out of the sixties today. I am not even bothering with the purchase of new shorts. By August the chill sets in and it hasn't even left yet.


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