Thursday, June 10, 2004

You know when every day you work, then your have to run errands and by the time you finally sit down at night it is time to sleep. That is were I am at. I have been trying so hard with this diet/fitness plan, but it is difficult do to the work changes. During school I was on a schedule and I followed it without hassle. Now, we are all going out to eat together at places I wouldn't pick, or lunch is being provided and it isn't something all that healthy either. Last night I got my walk in after 8 at night, and the night before I biked, but only 4 miles. I am up 4 pounds since last Thursday at this time. Today, I will not eat cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, or anything else they set out.
I probably will arrive at work just in time for lunch. I will eat light, and this afternoon is CPR for 4 hours so I will be bored beyond belief, but too busy to snack.
The main problem coming up is that my sister is coming tonight for a few days and that always means uncontrolled eating.
G wants to go to Chicago for the weekend next week. We are trying to recapture our first trip which was Chicago a couple of years ago. We had the absolute best time ever and are hoping to repeat that weekend. The last time we went was in August and we were in a car accident, and I had nerve ear pain so bad I cried the entire next day. I am also having money issues so I really don't think this is a good time.

Money, the root of all evil!! The thing is, and I am not sure this is any of my concern, but along with all the normal retirement funds that G puts money into every month, an extra $1000 is taken out and put into stock funds for retirement at varying degrees of risk. I think that is an incredible amount. How do we know that the market isn't just going to crash and that is the end of that? I know many people retire every year off their stock savings, but I think it is risky. Maybe my concern is that $1000 is my whole flipping paycheck and I can't imagine having that amount as extra! Ahh, but I work for the Lord, my paycheck is eternal. So says the mantra I hear so often.
I think I would feel better about it if I were married. I feel like G and I are separate entities. G would not like to hear this, but I certainly don't feel like I have the same benefits my sisters have being married to their partners. We have been warned by another couple to get a will, as they had an issue come up and without the will if something happens that is exactly what we will be, separate entities. I guess I can sit here and be bitter about the atrocities that befall me, or I can take action.


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