Friday, June 11, 2004

When you sit on the fence you can get pelted by a lot of crap from both sides.
There I am minding my own business, resigned to sit for 4 hours learning CPR which has a very low help rate, while my room sits in piles of mess. It is at moments like this when you least expect it, that someone can hit you with something that hurts more than usual because you are not prepared.
The instructor starts by introducing himself as a Christian, not strange as people always want to convey that to a bunch of Christians in a room. Then he states that he only will teach CPR to Christians. "I have strong feelings about this." My first thought was to ask the person sitting next to me if I had just heard him correctly. I didn't, but instead felt the same resentment, fear, anger, and complete shock rise up from within. Why would he state that, it is not a statement that any true Christian would say. It is very offensive in the least.
What if this instructor finds himself in need of some medical help someday and ends up in a room where their aren't any Christians around to help him. Will he decide on declining help. I think not. G is not a Christian, but would never in a million years decide to plan a cancer treatment less effectively for someone with a religious background.
It was a very frustrating 4 hours, but in the end common sense prevails. Jesus walked with everyone and made no hate statements such as this idiot. He had compassion for everyone and walked among the common.

Only a little work time today as my sister and nieces are in town. She always stays with my best friend so we are all going out to lunch today and perhaps if the weather cooperates we will go to the zoo tomorrow.
Tonight, G and I are walking for and hour in the cancer center's walk for a cure. I believe we have 8-9 tonight same as last year. I thing it will be 30 degrees cooler so we will have to bundle up. We had two really nice sunny, hot days and now the cold is back. I do not feel very up today so I hope to see some sun!!!!


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