Thursday, June 17, 2004

Alright, I know I shouldn't even bother, but someone posted an offensive message about gay people and I had to write back. My quote that was picked up by many was, "I don't know any gay people that act like that." I guess I am completely delusional.

the average homosexual has between 20 and 106 partners per year. The average heterosexual has 8 partners in a lifetime.
-Corey, L. and Holmes, K. New England J. Med., 1980, pp. 435-38.

I'm thinking, Becky, that maybe you just don't know any gay people... I know a lot of them. And a good majority of them are extremely promiscuous. It's probably safe to assume that I've made upwards of 200 homosexual friends in the last 4 years. Of them ALL, there were 3 I met that were not driven day and night by sex, and 2 of those 3 were not driven by sex because they were in a committed relationship to each other and were raising a son and had the good sense to settle down--they WERE promiscuous when I met them.

I love my gay friends, as much as I love my straight friends. I don't condone their lifestyle, but I very much love them. But you are either lying or completely delusional if you say you really believe that the homosexual community is relatively equal to the heterosexual community when it comes to sexual promiscuity.
And I have to say, the whole idea of "homosexuality" does revolve around sex -- to say it doesn't is quite paradoxical.

When you tell someone you're gay, or say you're gay, what are you saying? You're saying you're sexually attracted to the same sex, so -- it's always going to be about sex. And when you elevate your orientation to an identity -- well, then -- you've made your identity all about sex.


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