Saturday, June 19, 2004

Ouch! My lower body aches from planting flowers with the kids, and my arms ache from doing nine holes of golf yesterday. G loves to play golf as her family is very into it. I used to play softball so much that I can't grasp the concept of the ball being hit from the ground. It was actually comical. Last year on the course I hit a ball into the back of someones truck bed that was going down the road. At least it was a hit. Yesterday the balls bounced a couple feet and stopped. The weather was great and we got lots of exercise and sun. Call it a success.
We are off to Chicago. We decided to hang around here yesterday and do chicago in a day. I am not even sure what hotel we are staying at. I know it is downtown and we have reservations at a crab house for dinner. Should be fun!


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