Monday, July 12, 2004

G called from work today to say that a friend of a coworker was selling their house and we might want to take a look at it. As it stands right now, we are about 2 years from being perfectly set to buy a house. Both G and I bought brand new vehicles 2 months before meeting. Together we have $700 a month vehicle payments.
That is ridiculous, but as fate took a long time coming we are stuck. G has an excellent job and will pass the boards next June and will be set. I on the other hand need to find a new job or become emotionally unstable. My life path has been strange and that includes my degrees. My bachelors degree in social work will get me a very low paying job and I will be unhappy. My Masters degree in library science is somewhat obsolete do to the fact that my job has nothing what so ever to do with most library jobs today. I can not work in a public school because I have no education classes. I am great at what I do because I joined listserv's and researched and learned by trial and error. Give me any class prek3-8 and I can do a killer library program, but what school does that anymore beside mine.
I would be great at B&N helping people get the things they need, but I would be bored to death. I really like my classes I teach, but we all know that it has to end.
Ok, back to the house..... At some point you start looking because you want to know what you are dealing with when you are ready. The problem is that you might come upon your dream house too early and then be all heart broken if you don't get it, or put yourself in financial stress if you go for it early.
The house tonight was near perfect, but let me tell you it is pretty difficult to get past the way people paint and decorate. The owners let us know that they had just painted the entire inside of the house. Since when is it ok to paint your living room and dining room aqua? There wasn't one room that didn't look weird. I am not against red walls, in fact a condo to the right of us has a beautiful red wall in the living room that I would gladly take on. The house tonight had this red themed bathroom that would be enough to cause sudden onset nausea and to somehow make matters worse, the other bathroom was bright orange!!
In the end it was rather funny when we were discussing our beloved wine painting hanging on the aqua dining room wall.
Obviously you don't look past a house because of its paint, but we did realize we wouldn't be comfortable even with the one room of the house and would need to do some major painting.
I did love the cathedral ceilings with pillars and the finished basement. The kitchen was nice and open with a prep bar in the middle. I would like G to have a nice kitchen for cooking. In the end, it was just too far for me to drive, and we calculated our standard of living to change. No trips, dinners out, etc.. because of the car payments and student loans. It is ok though, we need to get used to the process and dream a little more.
Aqua dining room...wonder what kind of wine goes with that color??


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