Thursday, July 01, 2004

We gave up our home phone a month ago and decided to just use our cell phones. It worked last month, but I am not so sure it will continue to meet our needs. The problems are chatty friends, and as G calls them, draining relatives that need problem solving techiniques that we can't give them.
While I am at my friends house during the day, we can recieve up to 5 hangups in the ten hours that we are here. They say it is telemarketers testing the line, but what the heck for? I mean they can't talk because it is illegal, but dead air isn't helpful to the cause either. WTF!
Ok, ok, I am a bit cranky today. Last night we went to see the Michael Moore film and I couldn't fall asleep and I am like the proverbial toddler who needs to take a nap.
I could review the film, but everone has already covered it. I am not deluded into thinking it wasn't propaganda, or was 100% accurate.
I feel bad for Lila Lipscome who lost her son in Iraq. I feel equally bad that she was crying on the white house lawn with camera's all around her. Yes, she called moore to say she was in town, but it just went a little to far up on the disrespect meter for me.
From another point of view, because in matters of religious accounts I take hightened offense at jabs my way, Bush's God is money. Stay the f out of my life when condeming me is based on a book that you do not follow. Remember the quote about money being the root of all evil. Well, herein lies the problem. Bush is supporting and contributing to the axis of evil by supporting other countries intrests in our affairs in accordance with money. In the movie he addresses a wealthy audience calling them his home base. It was all about money. The only greater offender in this mess is his father.
Strange spin on the movie, but I will call out anyone who calls out me.
Cranky I tell ya, cranky!


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