Friday, July 09, 2004

The Senate will now take on the marriage amendment. From what I can gather they will not get enough votes to pass such a thing. I could be wrong. I remember when we waited for the supreme court decision last year. I hope for the best again. I know that churches are having this big hate speech tomorrow and if it occurs at mine I am walking right out. They usually don't take up that kind of thing and I hope that continues.
We are going to golf again today and head back down the the festival to get some French food. Last night was fun, although at the start of the run/walk everyone took off running and I was taken by surprise. It was the funniest thing. We were standing toe to toe and we had to take off and run or be plowed over. I was waving into the cameras and the crowds like a marathon was nothing new and then said I can keep this pace to the stop lights then I am done. I guess we were not standing with the walkers we were with the runners. We only walked a mile and ended the whole thing cause everyone needed a bathroom. I knew that was going to happen as everyone had been drinking and the race didn't start till nine at night. A fun night was had by all. It was actually interesting as this will be the main group of us that go to New Orleans next month. I wanted to see how spending a couple days with the group might go. It should be alright. Although I don't drink and probably will head back to the hotel before everyone else.
I can't believe we are leaving next week for vacation. I am worried about my mom's surgery and hope all goes well with that. Bad timing, but such is life. You take the good with the bad.


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