Monday, July 05, 2004

The end of the holiday weekend is upon us. We had an active weekend and it went fast!

Thursday night we tried to go downtown and listen to jazz in the park. It was pretty crowded so we did not stay to long. I think the program has really taken off the last couple years and they need to expand to a bigger place.
Friday morning we went golfing with G's friends that had dinner with us the previous Saturday night. It was a lot of fun, especially when I made an astounding shot off the tee right to about 15 feet to the hole. It of course was just luck, as I sucked on the rest of the holes.
G went to work after golfing and I went to lunch with my best friend and the kids and then to get some ice cream. I miss them when they are not around.
On Saturday we went to go see The Terminal with G's mom. It was a good movie and left me in a far better mood then the Michael Moore film. Tom Hanks did such a great job playing the part as cheesy as it was. I am glad I finally got to see it. After the movie we went to an Italian restaurant that G and I went to on our second date. It is in a rough neighborhood, but it has been there for decades and it has such old neighborhood charm to it. It is funny to see all the yuppie vehicles around the restaurant in an otherwise rundown area. G likes to visit places with history and I like that kind of thing also.

The fourth of July.... We were invited to so many parties that we decided not to go to any of them. Everyone we knew was having a cookout, but we decided to stay in and rest. We had concert tickets for Tim McGraw and so we knew we would be having a late night and decided to just make our own little dinner and then head down to the grounds for the concert. It was a great show!! Faith Hill even came out to join in on a new song. We were thinking she may show up as it was a holiday and the family was probably together.

After the concert in a huge mob of people we made our way over to see the Indigo Girls and caught their last two songs. I have to admit here to my chagrin (ugh) that I know nothing of the Indigo girls, absolutely zero. G though, has several tapes from the early nineties and I was able to listen to some of the music this morning. After searching and listening to many soundbites on the net I have come to the realization that I have heard "Shame on You" I was surprised however to learn they sang it. Needless to say people, I have a long way to go! God bless G's patience.

Today was rather blahhh. We slept in and then made food for a funeral G will attend tomorrow. We decided to go find a bike rack for the back of my vehicle for our vacation next week. We have to get a hitch put on the suv and we are not sure it will be available by next week. We really want to take advantage of our bikes while on vacation. The campground is five miles from town and when we drive to Door County we want to be able to explore on bikes.

I must say I am addicted to the Tour De France. I got into it last year and I think it has helped me to get into biking myself. Anything to get active and help with the weight issue, which by the way, is not going great right now. During the week I do great and keep busy, but then we eat out on the weekend and I overindulge. It is frustrating.

It will be an early night as I got little sleep last night and it is back to work tomorrow!


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