Friday, July 23, 2004

Vacation all I ever wanted.....

Just got back from our three destination vacation.  I think I covered the family part.  Saturday through half of Tuesday we were camping way up north in Wisconsin.  I grew up at this campground during the summers and my sister still has a summer camper there.  We biked to town and back (9 miles) and then I had to drive back because we found a great wine box that goes with our library decor. G made excellent campfires at night and we sat out under the stars and talked about the future.  Monday was my birthday and we were trying to decide where we should go to dinner.  I decided we should just go into town and eat breakfast at the restaurant where I had my very first job .  It is a major tourist restaurant and I will always hold it as a part of who I am.  I guess we really didn't feel like getting all dressed up to go for dinner as we were in camping mode and it required to much work.  G gave me the concert tickets on the fourth, and a $100 gift card for B&N as gifts.  I also got two sweatshirts on the trip.
While I was at home my mom instructed me to go pick out a ring for my birthday.  I picked out a very nice ruby  because of my birth month.  G bought me a nice necklace and earrings last year that will match perfectly.
It was a nice birthday and it was in a place where I had spent so many birthdays in my younger years. 
It was kind of annoying at the campground, because everyone around us  is friends of the family and people were rather interested in what we were up to.  I wasn't uncomfortable, but perhaps annoyed because I was needing some privacy, but it was not to be.  If they weren't asking about my mom, they were asking about our plans and how long we were staying and did we need help.... Etc..
Tuesday we were sad about leaving the campground.  We thought we had made a mistake by not deciding on staying there for the full week like we decided last summer.  We couldn't change our plans because the hotel in Door County was half paid and nonrefundable, so we packed our camping gear, closed up my sisters camper, and headed south so that we could cut over and head north up the peninsula to door county.
As soon as G gets the pics on the computer I will post some along with part three of our trip. 
We were excited to find out that all of the first season episodes of the L word are now on Showtime on Demand, so we are going to go watch as much as we can.  We went grocery shopping and picked up some naughty food in the name of depression over the trip ending.  Soo... t.v and food!


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