Thursday, July 15, 2004

Yesterday was quite the stressful day. In the morning while I was waiting on news about my mom, the principal called and said the move was off. Um, everything is already boxed outside the new room!!! Apparently, there is not enough new carpet to recarpet the old room and it looks terrible. We can't have it empty looking like that. Why is this my problem! I expressed my concern at moving everything back and how I was leaving on vacation. She said she would get back to me in the afternoon after making her decision. I didn't want phone calls on vacation. Guess it is not important enough on her list because there was no phone call. So, while I was stressing about those two issues, my best friend calls and says she will be home early to take the oldest to the doctor. They are also leaving on vacation and he has a sore throat. You do not want sick kids on a trip to Virginia, and D.C. This created a problem for me picking up my vehicle which was having a hitch put on so we could take our bikes on vacation. Seems I was stranded without a car until after the doctor visit. She said she would call me back. G asked for one thing this stressful week as she plans cancer treatments for new patients before leaving, and that was to take care of the car.
So it was 10 in the morning and I was waiting on three phone calls and anxiety hit full force. I grabbed the baby as the boys were watching the Tour De France coverage and went up stairs and cried.
That didn't last long however because with stress comes flare ups of irritable bowl. I was sick for the next 12 hours and into this morning. It is pure stress! We ended the night late last night at a friends house trying to figure out why the bike rack was so lose. My one fear is having stuff fall off the back of the vehicle while traveling.
To sum it all up, my mom did well, the principal is MIA, and the bike rack is ok. The only residual effect is my stomach and that will take awhile to recover. So we will leave tonight to visit my family and help clean carpets while my mom is in the hospital.
I am looking forward to some relaxation later on in the weekend when we leave for the north. God willing that will happen.


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