Monday, July 26, 2004

Still waiting on the pics from G.  They overloaded my email and bounced back.
Part three of the trip was very relaxing and a place I will focus on over the next nine months.  Just sitting by the water gazing into the beauty of nature and wondering why God made humans to complicate the whole picture.
We were able to bike Washington Island.  It is at the very tip of Wisconsin.  The ferry ride was very cold and so we bought some sweatshirts for the way back.  I would love to stay out there overnight at some point. 
We also witnessed and ate at a fish boil.  There were way to many bones for me to enjoy it, but it was fun to experience the evening. 
We went to a wine tasting event and found out that G and I like the same kind of wine.  Dry, or at least semi-dry.   I don't drink at all, but will give in and share a moment with wine during special occasions.
It was a good vacation and we will go back to Door County again. 


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