Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Last day with the kids. It is 55 degrees right now so I am not sure what we will do other than bundle up. I am very sad and I knew I would be. We have made many memories and like the kids said, "no we won't miss you, we see you almost every day." Which is true. Friday lunch will be down to only the baby. Because my best friend is off that day we have lunch by my work. The middle child is starting full day kindergarten so that will be different.
Tomorrow we leave for New Orleans. I am excited, but wish G and I were going alone. G's mom and a close friend of G's is meeting us down there on Friday. At least we have one day and night alone.
We get back eleven hours before I start back at work. I am trying not to let anxiety affect me, but that would be an incredible feat to pull off.
G and I have been talking and agree that the elections don't look very promising right now. The republicans are using moral issues because middle America can't even begin to understand the real issues that America faces. We have this person running for the senate that only talks about how he will stop abortion and renew the patriot act. Never once have I heard anything else in his dreary commercials. Is this what people really want? Our biggest concern is getting American's identification. Hello!! What makes them think that can be accomplished? Doesn't anyone remember the utter failure the census task is. Let's count everyone from the mountain dwellers to the homeless right here on our streets. I find this halarious. By God, we can't feed them, give them health care, or educate them, but we will id you and God help you if you don't have the proper papers when asked.
What a waste of time, of money, and don't get me started on privacy.

Ok, I was just interrupted by a call from the custiodian. Can I come and help set my room up today.

Umm, Fuck you I quit, I don't need that stupid job, Shove it!


Ah, yeah, sure, could you give me an hour. I have to get the kids dressed and fed. No problem........



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