Monday, August 09, 2004

It was such a busy weekend. I haven't felt as crappy as I did in a long time. I would call the doctor, but they never can figure it out and so I just suffer. Last night we were about to go out to eat with friends and I thought I was going to pass out. I started feeling better though an actually had a decent time with the crab legs. I think I could eat them once a year. Not worth the work for just an average liking.
We had a great time at the fair on Sat. We ate creampuffs, bought a mop, and went with the kids on a ferris wheel.
There were so many republican booths and people with Bush stickers. Our state has been democratic for the most part, but in recent years has started to change. I blame it on the news media shows on t.v. For example, my mom sits and watches t.v. all day long and when I go home I go crazy because the conservatives are always screaming the whole time. After listening for so long, she has identified with a few points and has decided they must be right on everything. How come we don't have more liberal shows out there. It isn't balanced.
I am afraid my family has turned into the right wing nut cases that I can't stand. I am going to establish a no politic rule when I see them from now on. My sisters do not understand what I am talking about because they haven't gotten past the city limits of smallsville, so it is pointless chatter at best. I am so frustrated with the whole thing.
I am through nine or ten episodes of the L Word. It reminds me so much of Sex in the City. To have a group of friends like that would be extremely helpful and fun to say the least. The program will certainly make an appointment t.v. night starting in Febuary, which seems so long away!
Three days left with the kids. I hope I can handle this. I can't even talk about work right now. I went in and it was just a mess.
Next Monday will be here soon enough.


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