Monday, August 23, 2004

I finished unpacking everything. I need to decorate and plan for the first week and then do some minor things to the shelves. Just four days left to get prepared. My muscles are screaming.
G and I had what could be best described as a disagreement turned argument last night. Again, I think because it is just us, we tend to focus on little things and they just blow up. Tonight after work I stopped by my best friends house and it was just mad chaos. A handyman was there and a neighbor showed up, the kids were running crazy, and the dinner was ready. My friend calls dinner prep time the witching hour. The kids just erupt at that time. Her and her husband don't have time to focus on crazy things like we do. They are just too busy.
Work stress doesn't help us right now. G is putting in so much time and hasn't had the proper training for the promotion.
For me, I need to work on being more receptive to the fact that G has a lot of friends and I will have to be more willing to be social. G has agreed to go alone to some of these events, so we shall see how it works out.
I am a cancer/a homebody. G a Gemini/loves attention. This certainly doesn't mix sometimes. Yeash!


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