Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Sometimes life can be a whirlwind.

New Orleans was as great as it could be when going with other people. G and I have decided that we are not taking trips with other people anymore. It is just to hard to please everyone and it got frustrating, especially for G who had to act as a tour guide. We had a great hotel right in the French Quarter. We thought it might be loud at night, but we didn't hear anything. One of the best things about the Quarter is that all the buildings have outside patio's in the middle of the buildings. It is like they are built in a square with the middle cut out. We took our drinks out into the beautiful evening and relaxed in the warm breeze.
The cold front that has been affecting us here in the north went all the way down to the gulf (swinging the hurricane east) creating unheard of temps in the south. It was around 78 in the daytime and 60's at night.
Zero humidity is also unheard of at this time of year. It was just like being in door county last month.
We bought a painting from an artist in Jackson square. It is of Pat O'Briens and Preservation Hall. Just the thought of it sitting against the iron fence on the square makes it worth the 100 dollar price. It is hand painted on a roofing slate from the Upper Pontabla Building which was built in 1849 located on Jackson Square in the Vieux Carre. (French Quarter) I love that city.
G is working on the pics. We have some funny ones on Bourbon Street of this guy with a huge white cross with a streaming message about how we were all sinners etc... I was happy to see for once that it was equal opportunity sinning for all.
vacation is over..........
I went back to work yesterday to a complete mess. I have boxes upon boxes piled into the library. I do not look forward to this task.
I was sad to hear that the first day I didn't watch the kids yesterday, the baby got stung by a bee twice. I am not sure how it happened, but I feel this guilt about not being there. My best friend's sister is not the best care provider. I will see the kids tonight at their house for dinner.
I guess I am off to work!


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