Sunday, August 29, 2004

It is around 12:30 Sat. night and I can't sleep so I thought I would get up and write the thoughts that are racing through my head.

Mr. Piddles is dead
I have a crush on a cast member
I ate too much today
I still have a hole in the wall
Tomorrow is open house
We spent 9,000 dollars on vacations this year
Yes, you read that correctly
We will never have a house
We live paycheck to paycheck
When I am in a nursing home will they let me have my fan for white noise
Yes, I really was wondering that
I can't do the pre k 3's this year It is to difficult
I hate living in a condo
our condo monthly newsletter was 4 pages today
Quotes that made me laugh while thinking about newsletter which woke up G and made me realize I probably should come out here for a while..
"The garbage problem appears to be running like a soap opera. Soap opera's are never my favorite topic of conversation and I enjoy writing about garbage even less. Be considerate of your neighbor. Use your own garbage receptacle and not your neighbors."
Even better...
"In the past month, we have had to remove three dead animals from our complex.
The first was a possum. The latest one was a coyote that had apparently killed a cat and dropped dead shortly thereafter. Evidence indicates the coyote had dragged the cat a short distance before the coyote died. This seems highly unusual. The demise of these animals is unknown to us."
This sounds like a bad episode of CSI Dead Animals.
None of this will be very funny in the morning when I will have no trouble sleeping, but will have to get up.
I am off to try again.
~Guten Nacht~


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