Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I have so many thoughts and emotions running through my head. If I would type it all out none of it would make sense. I only slept from 4-5 this morning. Insomnia is something I would only wish on my worst enemies. So, as I was up last night, I went online and surfed where I shouldn't have. I witnessed a political debate that just about drove me crazy. I was under the assumption that most people like me were voting for Kerry. How completely ignorant was that thought.
Anyway, that wasn't what was keeping me awake to begin with, but it did transfer my thoughts.
The reason why they are not voting for Kerry.... Fear that Kerry will do nothing to stop terror.
I can't even get into this.
nanowrimo is coming up in less than two months. Perhaps I will write a story about a person who lives in oblivion, doesn't even consider the world around them, and therefore can be happy and go about there business without a care. Yes, there are people like that. For a certain amount of time anyone can be like that. Of course, the story would be a metaphor. I may have to pick up Animal Farm, or, some other classic to help me out.
So tired.


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