Monday, September 27, 2004

It has been a very frustrating day. We had all day meetings today and the start of that was very strange. I was the first to arrive in this big room of tables. I sat down and then was amazed at the people who picked to sit next to me. First up, a lady who I am sure does not like me very much at all. She started talking to me like we were the best of friends. Maybe I am paranoid. I am adequately antisocial at work. I believe I come off stuck up, and unapproachable. Unfortunately, because I think very differently then the rest of the crowd I need to keep my distance. People can tell by my facial expressions that I probably am thinking a little bit different than the speaker of the moment.
So basically, I listened to a whole lot of unbelievable garbage today. I won't go into the religious garble.
Our author day was presented to whining and complaining.
Whatever people.
Yesterday I did some fall decorating of the condo. I am so used to it from when I lived with the kids. Speaking of kids, I took the boys and bought Halloween costumes yesterday. The Scream and a soldier outfit. They were so excited to get to do that. It was worth the money to be a part of that.
Yesterday was the Korean Thanksgiving. My best friend is also sponsering a Korean women who is in college in the area. So, she had a dinner for that family and her high school student. They were all dressed in formal wear. Beautiful colored outfits that are used for these holidays.
It made me think about how America is so lacking in culture. We watch football and eat turkey.
I don't know, I just feel negative.
My night to get dinner started as G is really late tonight. ravioli and Greek salad.


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