Tuesday, September 28, 2004

There are times when I stumble upon Christians who are struggling with some of the very things I struggle with. However, I do not have the same thoughts as they do. I can't relate to such lines as "satan's stumbling blocks," or "it's such a tiny part of a person, why even give in to it."
Sadly, the more they write, the more I can see that they are totally unhappy working at becoming something they are not. I am ok with myself, but the part I am stuck on is other people being not ok with me. Sometimes when I read what these people have to say about themselves I will find myself questioning. Religion is a big part of my life. What makes me see through it?? Why don't I believe all that is tossed at me anymore? I don't even for one second want to question myself. I don't want to do that anymore. I don't need that negativity in my life and I guess I need to work on that.
I also need to work on getting the archives off of here and starting fresh.
I just need a couple more hours tacked on to the day.

Speaking of time, which goes along with money, if I were single I would get another job. I am really struggling with payments right now. I know everything will be ok in two years, but it will be tight until then. I would really like to go and buy a bunch of clothes for work, but it isn't in the budget. I hate everything that I own and would like to toss it all.
What happened to all the clothes I had last year....


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