Saturday, October 02, 2004

A month until NaNoWriMo starts. I just checked out their new website and it appears to me that people are farther along with there ideas than I am. I have come up with several, but I do not know if I can carry any of them for 50,000 words. Some of my thoughts are a little to deep for a beginning novel writer. You have to be realistic in you approach, or you will fail. My own life is full of interesting episodes, but I am saving that because I can't write that one yet. To painful and not complete. Not that we ever are completed, but I feel like I am in the middle and there is no ending. Hopefully there will be an ending. There has to be and ending.

G is out giving a lecture. It is about an hour an a half presentation and when I asked to see the lecture notes I was surprised to learn that there aren't any. How can anyone do a lecture without notes? When I have to do something like this I cling to my notes and practically read the whole speech because I am so nervous. The professors specifically ask for G every year even though many people could do it. The students then specifically ask to do a internship at G's cancer center. I am very proud indeed.

I need to find some leaf stickers for a project next week. It was a combined 5th grade/p3 project that I came up with out of the blue. I think it will look good when it is finished and I can hang it up. I feel so lazy at the thought of going to any stores right now. I might go grab my venti decaf and hit the library, but the stickers will have to wait. Sounds like a good project to pawn off on the best friend.

Speaking of the best friend, I can't believe what is going on in her family tree right now. She is having her dad's new girlfriend's daughter and partner over for the football game tomorrow. I find this extremely interesting. G and I were invited but I declined immediately. I asked her what her reasoning was for the invite and if she realized this was one more area in which I would have to lie and deny.
G's patience has been outstanding lately. I am very lucky, but realize this isn't going to last forever. It will all hit the fan one of these days.
What a great story it will make.


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