Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I was all ready with a rage filled post, but after eating and vegging an hour, I am better. Lucky you.
Some times it is just little things that add up until you make everything a big deal and pms doesn't help.
I'll tell you this, I can't stand people with a dismissive attitude while talking to me. I especially can't stand it when they hold a position above me in our place of employment. Aren't you special. I think not.

I will also drop the fact that my hamburgers were cheeseburgers. I deserve that punishment for going through a drive thru in the first place.

I will stay highly irritated with the fact that the book I picked up from the library tonight has a cartoonish picture of a woman without a shirt on. It is by the 2004 Nobel Prize Winner, Elfriede Jelinek.
I always look forward to the announcements for literature each year, especially the Nobel, and the Newbery and Caldecott for children.
With this book I just picked up, I will have to somehow peel off the cover if I want to read during my off time at work. I swear the check-out desk person raised an eyebrow at this selection that I had put on hold. Fortunately, it doesn't have the more current picture which would have produced and even bigger reaction from this woman. I guess the book, The Piano Teacher was made into a film so I will have to rent that also.

The world is so much more livable with literature!


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