Sunday, October 03, 2004

I walked out of the foreign film last night. I have never done that before. Usually I can handle the films that deal with abuse, but I just couldn't do it last night. The film was Osama, it dealt with the abuse of women in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. The main character was a 12 year old girl whose father was killed in a war as most men were. Because women were not allowed out of the house without a male escort they could not get food. The girl lived with her mother and grandmother. They decided to cut off the girls long hair and make her look like a boy. She then got a job and brought home food for the family. Unfortunately, the Taliban ran out of men and so they went after boys to train for fighting. The girl was not very athletic and became scared climbing a tree. They hung her in a well to toughen her up and that is when I left. I guess they figured out she was a boy and she went to jail. She then is the only one not killed for her crime, but I guess worse, she is sent to live with an old man who locks her up along with his ten other wives and only lets her out when it is her time to provide him with sex.
It was too much for me.


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