Sunday, October 10, 2004

Film Threat - Reviews The foreign film this weekend was from Germany. Goodbye Lenin! made me laugh, not something that always happens with these films. I was surprised there was a film this weekend already, but I guess it is for the best because we are pretty busy next weekend.

A new movie out right now that I want to see is Motorcycle Diaries, an adaptation of the journals of Che Guevara leader of the Cuban revolution. In his memoirs, he recounts the adventures he, and his best friend have while crossing South America by motorcycle in the early 1950's.
I don't think we will go see it because it has a good chance to be a on the list of foreign films for next year. One is never really sure because we vote at the end of the year. You just don't want to see too many of the films twice as they can be difficult to understand, or just not something you want to see more than once.

G and I took the three mile nature walk through the a park that is absolutely wonderful with fall colors. I think next weekend the colors will peak around here, so we are going to go back and take pictures.
I think I would love fall more if it weren't so close to the next season coming in. Blahh!


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