Thursday, October 21, 2004

I have been reminiscing a lot this week. Four years ago this month, I
ventured into a new direction and it has changed my life dramatically. I wish I could write about it. Basically, that is what I have been thinking all week. Writing about it was the purpose of this blog in the first place. Then when I realized people would actually read what I wrote, I kind of freaked out about the whole thing and took it into a different direction. Now after many references to work, residence, and family, I have basically shut the door to what I needed to accomplish. What I have decided, is to start blog number 2, kind of like the flip side of this increasingly dull and whine filled description of my life. Not that I will be whining less anywhere else. Seems like I am good at blaming everyone and anything for my present situation.
The new project is difficult and slow. Not much has been written.
At least it is a start, and if anything becomes of it I will enlighten you.

I am so irritated by the fact that I can't get the Nano Participant picture on this blog. This is the reason I am still up tonight. I guess I am defeated. I thought I had it, but it gives the little red picture marking with the words, but no official picture.

I am off to visit my family for the weekend. I have a huge extended family birthday part to attend on Saturday. I really hope it doesn't turn political. I will handle it, I have lived through worse environments.

Next week is a three day work week. G and I will be heading north for the weekend. I am excited for the mini getaway!
Happy Weekend!


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