Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Today is shopping day. Toys, here I come. G and I are going to meet up for a quick dinner tonight in between stores. I convinced G to go to Target, but that is about it. I am about to blow an entire paycheck, and it is one that I didn't receive yet.
Oh well.
I feel really good about yesterday. I booked the dates of events for students. Believe me, it took lots of courage to rise above my antisocial behaviors and place phone calls and aggravate the agenda's of coworkers. I was out of my comfort zone most of the day, but it paid off!
Next up, I have to write a news article. As usual, I can't think of a catchy title, and will obsess for hours over this. When something has my name on it, like above mentioned events, I want it to be good.
I started slow this morning, changing clothes several times while ironing needlessly.
I have clothes covering my bedroom floor, bed, and ironing board. I asked G to get up and look at an outfit, only to fling it off last minute because it looked frumpy. Needless to say, I was late for work. I am also finding out that short sleeves may not have been the way to go.
At least I don't look frumpy.


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