Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It all started with a video on mtv I was watching before work this morning. I can't remember the words now, but I know there were people in there cars frustrated about different things and they just start walking away. G had another surgery this morning and so I was on my own to get motivated. I think I just had random anxiety. I couldn't really nail anything down and rationalize it away like I usually do.
Today I slipped and bought a package of cookies. This is how I know things are getting out of control. Bad habits reappear when I am worthless and weak. Some people grab alcohol, I grab junk food. Right in the middle of the day, I just go down the street to the grocery store by work and buy crap and eat it.
I think some of this election coverage is getting out of hand. I basically need it to be over one way or another. I received a very offensive Bush mailing today about marriage being between a man and a woman. What the fuck?? Don't put that shit in my mailbox. There ought to be a law or something. I know, free country, but what a total bunch of crap.
The lines on Tuesday are going to be real bad around here. Four years ago we waited over and hour to vote. It will be much worse this time around. People have been doing absentee voting this week, but I don't trust that the volunteers are signing off on the sheets correctly.
Can this just be over now.


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