Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Damage Control

Basically, we cut our losses on the whole situation with relatives. My mom said some of this goes way back. I heard things I never knew before. She still isn't talking to my grandmother. I think grandma has been mean and disrespectful, but what are you supposed to do to a 91 year old woman. I am hoping with time my mom will lighten up and realize the situation my grandma is in. I personally can't not visit her when I go home.
I have new worries. My best friend is not finding a friendly job market. She wants to know if I can take two months off. She does not want to put the kids in a daycare this summer if she goes back to work, but it may take more than a month to find a new job. I have never not worked...not ever. I have discussed this with Gretch, but we see it differently. She supports me not working a couple months because school will be out too, but I would really like to find something part time at least. I mean I know my friend has to work, but I can only hang on for a month or two at the most while she searches.
This has been the worst year of my life!! I know things could be worse, but I hope things turn around soon. Ridiculous.

If I do get some time off I certainly will take the time to write something. I thought I had a really good idea for a story in the middle of the night last week, but then in the morning it seemed really stupid. I might jot down some ideas the next few weeks just in case I am finding myself totally unemployed.

Tuesday night is the big event for school. All is set and I will be happy to have this date pass. I hope it will be successful, I need to somehow raise $8,000 and this will be a drop in the bucket.


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