Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I thought that was it when I wrote the message last week on Thurs. but one must wait for the entire week to pass before rating it.

So G is training to be a dosimetrist. The person who is the supervisor called G at home on Thurs. night. G called the person and they played phone tag all night. Finally trainer person got through. G was quite sure this was going to be "I am sorry you are not the person for the job." haha It was actually, "I don't know if you know this, but I am extremely attracted to you and have been for quite some time. It is distracting to the training and pretty intense."
Trainer person is married with children and trainee is VERY MUCH taken. So the trainer questioned G about me. The person did not know I had moved in the previous weekend and questioned it. "You mean she moved in just last weekend?"
Ok, so this morning is the first time G is going in to work with this person one on one after the ridiculous feelings issue has surfaced. This person has a phd and is a physicist at the hospital.
No, I don't think I have anything to worry about, but I think it puts G in an awful position. I think this person could cause problems because there was admittance to being depressed over the situation. There is another angle to this whole thing and if you have read carefully about anything I have written you would be sure to understand.
Ok, so I am also a little nervous, I mean a phd. I know a lot of people who would freak. I also know a lot of people who would never tell there significant other the situation at all. Honesty holds a lot for me. But, what if the person you were living with came home with this info.
They must be discussing it this morning, face to face How akward. Shite....

Ok, well on the job front, I still haven't been called in to sign my paperwork for next year. Everyone was called in one by one last week. I wasn't.....and that means????

Great day in the neighborhood!!!


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