Sunday, April 06, 2003

Damn time change.

I went from working a lot to moving my stuff. Officially I don't move in till the 12, but I am there every night but Tues. and Wed.
I am so tired I fell asleep during the foreign film last night. It was Lantana, an Australian film about relationships on the rocks.
It was ok, kind of long for a night foreign film. Like I have mentioned in the past, in America we don't have many dialog films we are all into action.

I miss New Orleans, it is like a different world. The southern life is more adventurous than here in the north. Life amongs the wildlife and along with that the cultural differences.

So the Final Four was a wash. It was fun to watch the media surround New Orleans and get a glimpse at what I had just experienced.
Now G's brother is going down for 4 days. I will get back there again!


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