Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Alright already, I am back from deaths door. The antibiotics have killed whatever was kicking my ass. I was seriously not doing well, and then in the midst of it all we here of a new virus killing people in Asia. Of course I thought I was the lucky American who picked it up. Oh wait, I haven't traveled.
Anyway, I leave for New Oleans in 4 days. My mother is going to panic do to the fact we are on the very brink of war. I will never forget Desert Storm. I was at the YMCA doing mouth to mouth on one of those annie dummies. They interupted over the intercom to say the first bombs had been released. All we wanted to do was get to the nearest tv for our media fix, but we had to keep on taking our cpr test.
I won't preach on, God knows we all have our opinions and we can't change. G and I don't even talk about it cause it will sure end in a terrible argument.
So in a nutshell.........
I support the troops that are trying to keep terrorism from spreading. I understand that this may fuel the hatred, but to do nothing is just as bad and I fully believe the next attack would be worse. Any nation that supports terrorists is just as guilty.
I did not vote for President Bush, nor will I ever vote for him. I am a democrat and think many of the Republican party ideas do not fit with the populations of America. I do however support the president and his decision. I also respect the rights of the protesters to march and make there opinions know. Only with that kind of outcry do those in power know that you must answer to the people.
One last word....the Dixie Chicks. I believe it is ok to have an opinion against the president, but I think they made a huge mistake in their comments overseas. You should be proud of your country and fight for what you want here, but when representing your nation in another country you just don't say you are ashamed of your president. They are going to pay dearly. As for the stations banning their music, I disagree. Let me toss my cd, or not buy tickets to the concert, or switch the channel, but don't ban the unpopular decision.
I hope that we get in, find hussein and get rid of him and stay and HELP the peope of Iraq build what we destroy. This is going to cost America billions and billions of dollars. I will denounce this whole issue if the president does not stay and build back what they destroy as they have in the past. I am trusting where I probably shouldn't be, but I just think we can't ignore this situation.
May the right thing be done.
ok end of lecture.


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