Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Just one more lame comment on the war front. G has a friend that emails constantly about her "give peace a chance/war changes nothing" speeches. This person has just tossed me over the freakin edge. The extreme librals will never lift a finger to fight for anything that may hurt someone. Germans followed there own leader down the wrong path and many people in there own country were destroyed. It took other countries to get involved. There was so much fear. The problem with our involvement now is that we don't seem to follow through and we have to keep going back. If we are going to do this then finish it and be done. One more issue. France. Iraq was told in the early 90's to disarm. That is what they were told and we should get the inspectors results and if they have not disarmed then that is it, we will disarm them. Negotiations ended there. What's up Chirac?
It's just this friend of G's making me crazy.

In less furious news..... Do I or do I not like Thai food. I believe I had it before and it will be ok if it isn't hot. I can't handle hot food. My stomach is on fire for hours and I have an upset stomach all night.
Last Friday G came home from a dinner party for work and tossed the dinner a couple hours later. There is something unsettling about that. I don't want to revisit anything. I like Italian and some Chinese dishes. We have a favorite Chinese place we go to almost weekly. We also eat Mexican on some Weds. when they have the guys coming around to tables playing songs for you.
Ok, so I will try the Thai food and hope for the best.

I am calmer now. I might even hold a peace sign out on the front lawn. I keep thinking about children. I hate innocence lost. They never regain it and suffer a lifetime. Ok K, lets hold hands and sing Kumbia. If only for the children.


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