Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Not a second of freedom have I experienced in the past week. I am filling in for teachers left and right and am getting damn sick of it.
I also am living out of my car at the moment. I am staying half at my house and half at G's. I never can find the things I need at the house I am at. Only a couple months of doing this and I am moving in with G.
How do I explain to someone that I want to bring along my own tv. Unfortunately, G bought me a tv/dvd, but it is small. My tv is quite a bit bigger and while we don't have another dvd player the vcr works quite nicely. This won't go over well. I tried to explain I didn't need a new tv. I should have said more about this sooner. UGH!
So the president was on tonight. He had to discuss the economy before anything else because it is tanking right now. Tax breaks, I don't know if that is the answer or not, but it seems we should be focusing a little more on our nation right now.
Sorry people, I just don't buy the whole oil routine that people are presenting in the theory about Bush going to war. A friend of G's sends email daily about all these marches against war that she is attending. Pages and pages of atrocities that Bush has committed, but not one answer as to how we go about ending the war on terrorism. I am not a political person and tune in only out of fear and the drama of it all, but I know enough from reading that there is a lot behind the whole situation that the common person doesn't really understand. We do have to look ahead, looking behind will show us that America is responsible for suppling some of these nations with arms so they could fight against countries that we were also against once upon a time. It all changes with time and that is a huge problem. How do we know what we do today won't come back and bite us in the ass?
Does America want to rule the world, or make decisions for everyone. Some people are shocked by the thought of us being arrogant.
If there is something to be said you can believe the U.S. will pipe up and issue demands and expect our allies to come forth with the same ideas and support us 100%. Not everyone can make good decisions all the time. We have made some bad ones along with the good. Everyone has. I think we need UN backing. It has been proven that many minds are better than one in planning any kind of event. It never works to go ahead alone. However, I fully believe in pressure on terrorist nations that continue to support violence.
My two cents for now. Simplistic as it is.
May the week fly to Saturday. I can't take much more of this.


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