Monday, January 13, 2003

I used to be more witty in this blog. Unfortunately, things have been crappy lately. I try and lay low and stay below the radar, but every so often I am pushed into it. G and I talked things out again and I never really talk about breaking up cause it would be to hard to live alone again. It is love, so there family handle that!
My boss is in California. He had a funeral to attend this last weekend and then he has a conference to attend next weekend. The memo read, "Boss man will be staying on in California for the week due to the conference next weekend." Right now he is golfing and smirking and saying not very quietly, "suckers".
What a bunch of horse crust. Maybe I shall write a memo. " Due to the emotional problems I suffered over the weekend due to my sisters phone call, I will be staying on the rest of the week in my house."
"Due to not giving a shit what the hell happens at this place for the next week I will be staying on an extended weekend."
So a "fuck you" goes out to boss man. These feelings will be staying on for quite some time now.
Happy Monday to everyone else. :)


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