Wednesday, December 18, 2002

I gave in and went to see the Star Trek movie. I don't know anything about this series. I know Captain Kirk and "beam me up Scotty."
We went in and there were tons of people. I guess it is opening day for the Lord Of the Rings movie. Anway, G has been waiting forever to see the ST movie so I caved and it ended up being good. The unfortunate problem is that we were warned beforehand about the heat not working in theatre 14. I am not evening kidding, it was freezing! I think I held up well in the frozen tundra and I even made it through a sci-fi flick.

I haven't slept for a couple nights because my mom has been having problems breathing and today she went in for tests. If there would have been a heart blockage they would have done angioplasty today. Turns out she has minimal artery clogging for her age. I am now resting a little easier knowing she won't be checking out on us anytime soon.

Two more days till Christmas vacation!!!! I could seriously wack a kid right now. My patience is waning.


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