Monday, November 25, 2002

Anyway, is a site where people write a story within the month of November. At exactly 11:59 on Nov. 30th you have to have your story submitted. I decided to try, but haven't gotten very far. I have an excerpt on my screen that people can read. It is only a few lines. It is a story idea I have had for awhile now.

I would rather have rain pissing down then the snow storm I was stuck in yesterday. I went to the foreign film The Princess and the Warrior (German film) yesterday afternoon and when we came out it was a blizzard with 4 inches on the ground. It was a very scary drive back. It took over an hour to go 20 miles.

Just a few more days till Thanksgiving, I am looking forward to a 4 day weekend and the feel of the holidays. I love the holidays.
I don't like the commercialism it induces, but the feeling of peace I get around this time. It isn't really a peaceful time, but everyone needs to think that way if only for a couple days.


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