Tuesday, October 29, 2002

In simple terms, the retreat sucked! I don't suppose I should have hoped for anything different seeing as these people are all religious school teachers. The presentation went ok, everyone was talking when I was trying to explain things so I felt nobody was listening to anything I said. I guess that is ok come to think about it. I can be very liberal to those conservative minds of theirs.

I have been having a terrible time the past week with memories of the friendship I lost last fall. I read the persons blog which doesn't help matters. I want the person to forgive me and I have been told in many ways and by many people to let it go. I simply can't do it.
I need that person to say they forgive me. It is like I have been told what I did was so terrible that I should be punished everytime I think about it.

Time heals, but I can't seem to let it go completely.


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