Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Umberto Echo has written another book. The Name of the Rose is my absolute favorite book of all time. A murder mystery that takes place in a remote abbey in the North of Italy in 1327. The answer to this story is deep in the forbidden library within the labyrinthine walls.

Only two more days till I leave on a school retreat with the faculty. I have yet to prepare my part of our groups talk on cooperative learning. We are going to make the faculty design Chihuly exhibits out of plastic and balloons. They will not be amused. Chihuly
makes blown glass and has had his works shown at the gardens in Chicago recently. I believe I visited on my spring break.

Due to my computer crashing I have lost all the blogs I was keeping up with. I should have loaded them on my page here with the other two. I read many more than two and with a wide variety. Writing, religious, gay, parents, work, divorce, homeless, depression,
music, etc. You name it I am interested. I absolutely love reading about other peoples lives. That is why my favorite genre is Biographies. It just kills me when my students talk about how bored they are reading about peoples lives.


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