Sunday, September 29, 2002

I am trying to refinance my student loan. One of the many ways I am trying to cut back on expenses and get out of debt. Friday I got a letter demanding the name of my spouse. I am getting rather salty at the stalling tactics, or the sheer stupidity of the people working at these companies. Also, the IRS can just kiss my arse also. I have been asking for a duplicate check from the one I got in MAY because I lost it. They are tracing it. Five months of tracing a check. Very simple, IRS, my house, garbage can, dump.
I am waiting on friends to call about dinner and a movie. Don't want to spend the cash.
My church attendance is falling to zero again. I just can't stomach these we need money speeches any longer. It is just so old, and I am trying everything to get myself ahead of the game. I need my piece of the pie.


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