Tuesday, September 03, 2002

I'm sitting here eating cake. God knows I don't need it, but stress does that to a person. Went to dinner with G's dad and step mom. They are not really receptive to our relationship, but it went well. It was not an easy dinner, but they are more down to earth, we ate at at a pizza place. All of G's other family and friends are a little above the kind of lifestyle I lead in terms of money.
The weekend was great, canoeing, hiking, enjoying nature. The last little drop of the summer. I am working on some projects for my seventh graders. Short stories, the elements of good ones, plus I found this great story on the net to use with them. I would really like them to write there own story after I give them a title, but the jury is still out on that one.
I am thinking of getting the blogger plus with images, but I am wondering about the ease of use. I mean I can barely function with some of this stuff. I am pissed at my computer. While I was gone the favorites bar started acting up. When you click on the favorites you get and error message that closes you back to your desktop. All my favorite blogs are stored there. Hmm.. incentive to get them up as links.
I took my godson to first grade today. The smells of my childhood. Everything new and clean. I was worried for him. I think if I would have to go back to first grade I would freak.
I am off to bed, gotta find something to where tomorrow first. Fun.


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