Sunday, August 25, 2002

So I did the weekend. It turned out great. Besides a small missunderstanding Friday night after dinner with the relatives all went well.
It was very domestic and I came out on the easy end of it. G got a new mattress thankfully. The last one was extra firm and a penny could hit the ceiling if you felt so inclined to toss one down on the bed.

I felt bad about starting back to work tomorrow until I heard about a friend of mine who is starting her first year of teaching at a charter school in downtown Detroit. Yeow!!! No way would I do that. They had an inservice on what to do when the parents smack their kid up along side the head.
I will stick with my obssessed, pray to the lord of money families. Not that they are better than the rest, but I am not into dealing with physical people.
Seriously though folks, if you want to donate huge amounts of money so I don't have to report tomorrow at 7:15 a.m. I would appreciate it.
Didn't think so. Fine, I 'll do it.


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