Thursday, August 15, 2002

Don't rock the boat just suffer a little.
This is how I will make it through the next week.

G's birthday turned out well. Sex, dinner and then home to bed. I have noticed I am too tired to have sex after eating out and then coming back to the condo. Am I getting old? I would rather sleep than have sex.
Mornings I feel to scummy, nights too tired. Afternoons work best. Lets schedule it. How romantic.

Tomorrow night I will finally get to see Signs which received mixed reviews. I just know we saw the previews for it since last January and it is time to finally see it and put it to rest.

Sept 11th hype is picking up. I hate to remember it, but we must.

Stephen King has a new book coming out, but it is about a car again. I will read it because I like his style of writing. He is getting bad press again lately. I hate people who review books and movies. My tastes are so different, I need to remember not to buy into what they are saying.


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