Sunday, August 04, 2002

Chicago did not go so smoothly. There was tension because I am leaving for a week tomorrow. It was meant to be like when we went in April, but it just really was not the same. The hotel had a view of the city with a balcony, but for some reason we could not get it open Friday night. It was stuck tight. In the morning I went over to the door and touched the handle and it popped right open. We ate lunch in Greek town which was good. I had this great greek salad with fetta cheese. .
On Sat. G went to look after a cat for some friends that are on a trip to Ireland for the next few weeks. I toured the home which is very lovely to say the least. Their daughter, who is going to be a senior in high school this year is an aspiring artist. She plays musical instruments and acts in her school plays. I was astonished at the girls bedroom. On the entire length of one of the walls is a mirror. It looks exactly like the ones dancers have although this one didn't have a bar. Across the front of the mirror are sheets of chapters from a novel she is writing.. She also has little notes below them. It was incredible. She is working so hard to write this novel at age 16. I have no doubts that some day she will get published. She has passion and that is one thing I lack. Some of the storyline takes place in a spanish speaking country so there were lists of phrases, maps, and diagrams and character sketches.. So much work was laid out on that mirror. That will stick with me forever. I hope someday I will find that passion within and really try.
So, I am off to spend a week with the family. I really just want to rest. To sleep and not think...
I will not be computerless though the whole time. I need my computer time. Sad to say, but true.


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