Tuesday, July 30, 2002

San Francisco Part I

I guess the DMV does not send you a notice as to when your drivers license expires. Mine did on the 19th of this month on my birthday. The guy at O'hare who was checking us in made a comment about my hair not looking the same as on my license. Last summer at this time I had blonde highlights put in. I wasn't sure if the guy was being serious or flirting. Anyway, he let me thru. We had a while before boarding so I went to an airport snackbar to get G a beer. The woman took my id and than rather loudly started ranting..."I can't believe you made it this far into the airport, I'm not serving you beer your license has expired." I felt the blood drain from my face as I realized this could be a huge problem. G was getting some food and as I approached I said a little too loudly, " we have a huge problem here, I don't think we are going to SF." G was like, " where is my beer?" We went over to the lady yet again and got the beer. The lady was rude about the whole thing. You know, I think Mr. flirt should be serving beer and Ms. Bitchy should be tending the security. Safer flights would be had by all. Anyway, we watched others boarding and figured the quick glance at the id to board was just making sure the tickets were valid with the right person. They weren't checking dates. I sighed with great relief when we made it aboard the plane. Hell, if I get stuck vacationing so be it, but it would suck to be stuck in your hometown.
The flight down was good, a little turbulance, but I handled it and the view coming into the city was great. It had been a long time since I saw the ocean and even though lake Michigan is pretty, nothing beats the ocean. We were off to Union Square and the Sir Francis Drake hotel by van. I couldn't believe the hills and the houses that looked like carvings in the side. The fog had burned off and the views of the Bay bridge and the Golden Gate bridge were spectacular. I was excited for the weekend that lay ahead.


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