Wednesday, July 17, 2002

It is really to early to be up, but I had a bad night of sleep. One were you are constantly thinking about your problems even though there isn't a damn thing you can do about them in the middle of the night.
Mostly it has to do with work. Being July, I do not allow people to discuss it with me. It is a month where I do not have to go to that place at all. It is the best month of the year. Anyway, I know time is slipping and I will eventually will have to put the chain back on and sludge off every morning. I really don't hate my job, fact is I get about three months vacation time during the year and the work day is shorter than the average person. It is very stressful though and of course I am living with some fear that I live against the rules.
Financially I am starting to straighten out. My student loan is down to 13,000 from a high of 30,000. It kills me I spent that much on an education and really don't benefit a whole lot from it. The suv will take about five years to pay off, but I am paid up till next Sept. My one big problem is my Mastercard. I need to be kicked in the ass for this debt. 2,800. If I had to write down some of the items I purchased within the last two years, I bet I could do 300 of it. What the hell. I know gas is an issue. " oh, I will just put in 5 or 10, no big deal." It has turned out to be a big deal. I am frustrated with this. The last charge I made however, was around June 15th and I am sending them 300
today. It will take over a year to pay of, but I think I have stopped the bad habit.
Another thing that frustrates me is that I always tell everyone I am going to write the next novel of the year. Kind of like Jonathan Franzen of the Corrections fame. Lately, I have been really slacking. Poor me, waiting for opportunity to fall on top of me. I have to find my motivation.
Went out last night for dinner with my best friend. I had a steak dinner. It was great, don't eat that to often. We discussed the fact that I would be moving next summer so the reason I could give everyone would be that they are having there third child and the house is getting full. It works I think, however I am not to happy with condo living.
I have a beautiful yard here and do lounge around outside to take advantage of it. G is stuck in this condo until someone buys the buliding. This guy from the middle east bought all these properties and then took off with the money and everything is going to forclosure. It will take awhile to get out of that.
I know, just everyone send me money and lots of it any my problems would be solved ok? Now that that's settled I can get on with my day.


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