Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Went to Red Lobster last night with a bunch of early twenty year olds. It was a friend from works son's birthday. I ate some blackened Tilapia. It was pretty spicy.
One of the guys who was sitting next to me was in a car wreck last week. He was popping Vicodin and drinking mixed drinks. He made me very nervous. He was higher than a kite. He has very little brains, but I would like to have his baby. He is one of the best looking guys I have ever seen. I don't want him, I want his baby.
So, on the way home I dropped by G's and got into bed. Then we passionately.............talked about storage.
I mean really, if I am going to move in I need storage. I have a load of total crap that I can't part with. Stuff from college, hell I even have notebooks from high school.

Tonight I am going to chill with my best friend and do dinner for my birthday. We can't celebrate on Friday cause G is taking me out and giving me something expensive.
I am nervous about this!


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