Friday, June 28, 2002

I remember when I was dating this guy named Dean. He would bring me flowers every single time we got together. Sometimes he would bring colored vases too. He was a great guy. I think we will always be connected by those Lethal Weapon movies. We would go and eat chinese food at a place by his apartment and then go and watch one of those movies. I always said I hated cop action movies cause my dad was a cop and I was really tired of that genre as we watched it night after night when I was young.
I liked those movies. I liked Dean alright too. That is the problem, I liked Dean. Never really felt anything more. Couldn't stay there all night, so I would leave around 2 a.m.
and he would make me call him when I got home around 2:45. We broke up about three weeks before my birthday, but he asked me to a movie around my birthday. That night I hated him. I hated him because he was such a great guy and was good to me and I couldn't do it.

G is talking to my best friend about buying me something in yellow or white gold. Now I plain and simply made it very clear that any birthday gift would be under 25 dollars.
I don't have the kind of money to return that kind of expensive gift in Aug. on G's birthday. Everyone probably thinks that I should just accept it, but I made myself very clear on this subject. I won't accept it.

So G and I are leaving in the early a.m. to go camping upnorth. I am looking forward to this, but unfortunately have to meet some friends up there also. I don't know why this has to occur. G asked and I can't really say "but I thought this was our weekend." Then come to find out last night, G is having family and friends over for dinner on the fourth. Never told me about this at all. This will become an issue also, cause I will be expected to attend. It is the fourth of July for God's sakes, everyone has plans and know I am going to have to figure out who to be with.

More and more I think single is the way to go. It is just such a hassle any other way. I don't know why I am not like other people and fall madly in love and be happy no matter what.

Last 4th was spent across the street at the Egyptians house. He is a colorful character. Very nice, and hospitable. I will tell his story when I get back.
Last year he was madly in love with me, he just got married a couple weeks ago. The mail order bride fell thru, but this new lady seems to fit right in.


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