Monday, June 24, 2002

I am wired tonight. Shouldn't be as I have to get up early. Spent the night at G's basically doing nothing. We got take out Chinese and I ate very little. I think my stomach is ruined for life.

G doesn't like blogs and thinks it is strange that I am comfortable enough to write private things to the public. Although I hold back a lot, it is far easier to write things, and it is the only place where I am honest. Nothing to lie about, nobody gives a damn who I just might be. To bad the real world is so pathetic. Actually it is just my little world. When you grow up in hicksville and then get yourself a job with a religious institution you might be in for some shit no matter who you might be. I was reading a blog by this Christian guy who was basically stalking a girl. I like how he can cut on three populations of people and then not even notice the sick person he might actually be. I continue to read though, I am fascinated by all of us that keep the world spinning. It truely takes all kinds to even us out. Just been noticing a few more sick people as of late.

I am relaxed and going to bed where I will be wide awake for the next two hours..........


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