Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Everything is very out of control on these fronts. I have insomnia which I have like three times a year. It is like the main character in in Stephen King's novel of the same name. I fall asleep fine and then wake up earlier and earlier. I wish some fear could be tossed in there, something walking the halls, or an eerie shadow. Nope, just thoughts of my life. How average.
I was shopping last night and while walking thru the parking lot decided that money would be a nice thing to have. It is the answer. It can buy you anything but love. I already have that so I would be all set. I keep thinking about what I specifically want and it isn't like that at all. I just want freedom to move about and not report in all the time. Work is such a chain and it links you to the same basic life day in and out.
I really believe it is about motivation and you can get what you want. I just am not highly motivated. I see the negatives. I am a true pessimist. So, I guess I am all talk and little action.
Everybody wants to be closer to free.....


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