Thursday, June 13, 2002

First off, a shout out to Benway for his suggestion on the William S. Burroughs book. I just started it and it is rather good!!

Ok, so the faculty meeting went from bad to worse. Three hours on report cards. I don't give them so I almost went through the roof. I asked if those around me were outraged at all, but they looked at me like I was a freak. Sooo.....I folded back into there reduntant little chat. At the end, someone asked if we could have half days next year to do report cards. You would think we asked for an extra week of summer vacation. Shit hit the fan on that one. Back and forth they went. Teachers vs. administration. Finally it ended. Next morning we get a memo ending the week. All meetings and fieldtrips canceled. Admin. was pissed. In my evaluation the principal said, "the teachers have spoken and I am ending it. I don't know, she was so riled up she didn't really even get around to harrassing me. The only negative in the whole 10 months of school was that during the reception for the retirement party there were books on a table in the library and she had to move it elsewhere. I can't even figure what the problem is there, but I'll take it. I apologized and we moved on. I am great with students, ok with staff and my position remains for next year. I played up the fact big time that I had no money and wouldn't be taken any religious classes to keep my job. I so am not going to take any kind of religion.
My view is that we pick and choose things out of the bible. I hate the fact that my boss would have a huge problem with the way I live, but he is divorced. Now I know it says in the bible that anyone who divorces his wife inevitably sends her to hell and himself also as divorce is not recognized and adultry is soon committed. Somehow we have forgotten about those passages. You lead your life and I will lead mine. You know what is morally incorrect, don't do it.
Lines blurry....... yeah, for me too, don't hurt anyone. Basic stuff I tell you.
Well, we are playing house. G is off playing softball and I have dish duty and flower and lawn duty. Ok, I can see this isn't that fair!! I think I will go out on the patio and enjoy the sun and read my book. Ahhh, the simple pleasures!
School, what school, eight weeks baby. :)

I am so high, I can hear heaven
I am so high, I can hear heaven
Whoa, but, heaven don't hear me


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